Downloadable Reports
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Downloadable Reports

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Deliverable NumberDeliverable TitleWkPkgLead PartnerDate
D2.1Survey on the energy needs and architectural features of the EU building stock. D2.1a, D2.1b, and D2.1c.2BSRIA2014 - March
D2.2Report on Auditing Tool for assessment of building needs2SERC2015 - Sept
D2.3RES availability survey and boundary conditions for simulations .

2Fraunhofer ISE2014 - June
D3.1Report on Visual Comfort & Daylight Supply, Thermal comfort & Passive solar Gains3BLL2014 - Sept
D3.5Report on Assessment of the Embodied Energy, CO2 and Cost for the Standardized Envelope Renovation Packages.3
D3.6Report on Assessed Industrialized Envelope Renovation Kits. D3.6a, D3.6b

3FhG-ISE2016 - Sept
D3.7Report on Assessed Standardized Envelope Renovation Packages3EURAC2016 - Sept
D4.1Report on artificial lighting solutions4BLL2013 - Dec
D4.2Report on Assessed Standardized Energy Generation and Energy Distribution Packages4EURAC2016 - Mar
D4.3 Report on Assessed Industrialized Energy Generation Kits4EURAC2016 - Sept
D4.4 Report on Assessed Industrialized Energy Distribution Kits4EURAC2016 - Sept
D4.5Report on Assessment of the Embodied Energy, CO2 and Cost for the Standardized Energy Generation and Distribution Kits4CYCLECO2016 - Mar
D4.7Report on Laboratory Dynamic Tests4EURAC2016 - Mar
D5.1Report on the Adopted ICT Solutions5CARTIF2013 - Sept
D5.3Publishable Report on the Developed Distributed Surveillance Platform5GIT2015 - Mar
D5.6Report on Data Reduction Procedure for Systems Monitored in Real Conditions. D5.6a, D5.6b
5EURAC2016 - Sept
D6.1Guidelines on Environment and Cost Integrated Approach for Systemic Packages 6CYCLECO2015 - Sept
D6.3D6.3a Report on Performance of Studied Systemic Renovation Packages - Method
D6.3b Report on Performance of Studied Systemic Renovation Packages - Single family homes
D6.3c Report on Performance of Studied Systemic Renovation Packages - Multifamily homes
D6.3d Report on Performance of Studied Systemic Renovation Packages - Office buildings
6EURAC2015 - Mar
D6.5 Position Paper on Systemic Energy Renovation6EURAC2016 - Mar
D6.7 Guidelines on Systemic Approach and Checklist6EURAC2016 - Sept
D7.1Reports on Energy Audits: Case study Ludwigsburg, Case study Madrid, Case study Verona7ACCIONA2014 - March
D7.4Renovated Case Studies - Ludwigsburg
Renovated Case Studies - Madrid
7GIT2015 - May
D8.1 Report on Non-Technical Barriers to the Market Placement
8SERC2016 - Sept
D8.4 Publishable Summary on Exploitation of Industrialized Solutions and Business Models8CCT2016 - Sept
D8.5 Position Paper on Industrial Standards Implementation 8Fraunhofer-ISE2016 - Sept
D9.3Project Branding and Logo9IPL2012 - Dec
D9.4Project Website9IPL2012 - Dec
D9.8Establishment of Online Interest Group for Public Authorities9ICLEI2013 - Sept
D9.12Training and Educational Material9ACE2015 - Sept
D9.13Guide Book for the implementation of the Systemic Packages9ACE2016 - Sept
D9.16Training and Educational Material9IPL2013 - March