An update on WP5

An update on WP5

Work Package 5, led by technology centre CARTIF, will provide IT solutions across the work packages in iNSPiRE. The primary objective of Work Package 5 is to define and design a monitoring system to assess the energy savings and performance of buildings under renovation and to build surveillance software that will handle the information produced by the building’s monitoring system.  This work package will also be integral to the demo stage of iNSPiRE, Work Package 7 by providing IT solutions for the monitoring and surveillance of the three case studies. They will interpret data, verify the effectiveness of the approach and industrialised kits and analyse the data and report the main technical and economic outcomes.

In this first phase of the project, WP5 has defined the monitoring system, architecture (interfaces, architecture, transmission way, communication protocol) and has selected measurement points and sensors for each case study (Verona, Madrid and Ludwigsburg) by taking into account their construction characteristics, energy supply and environmental conditions. This has laid down the groundwork for the rest of the project.

Integration has been formed between the monitoring network and the FAR-ECHO monitoring software that has been developed by the Tosoni Group (GIT).

The next step is to install the sensors and monitoring system on each case study and start with the baseline in July in order to provide consistent measurement data for the evaluation of energy performance.


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