A key feature of any renovation package for older buildings will be the integration of lighting solutions. Lighting is a major user of energy in buildings (mainly in offices) and for iNSPiRe to achieve the goal of reducing energy consumption in older buildings by 50 per cent, new lighting systems will need to be built into the renovation packages.

Now a study on artificial lighting solutions being considered for the project has been published. Click on the link below to read it:


The analysis provides a detailed look into the characteristics and properties of common light sources and luminaires. It also describes contemporary lighting systems and forecasts future evolutions based on different references.

It compares halogen, compact fluorescent – CFL – and light emitting diodes – LED – solutions, both in lamps and luminaires and it also provides life cycle analysis.  Recommendations of lighting systems to be used for both residential and office application are given, providing a clear roadmap for a significant aspect of the proposed renovation packages iNSPiRe is devising.

Editing partners: Bartenbach GmbH, Fundacion CARTIF