LUXeXceL prints optical shape for customized reflector by Bartenbach. In order to tackle the problem of high-energy consumption by producing systemic Renovation Packages. Inspire is developing a number of industrial products specifically designed to fit retrospectively to Europe’s existing building stock. These products take the form of Renovation Kits including HVAC systems, lighting and shading systems, pipings and ducts, and energy generation systems. All to bring these buildings back to today’s standards.

The offered solution

A special optical component developed by Bartenbach that offers a glare free and high comfort experience in office luminaires through the homogeneity in lighting distribution and a precise cut off.

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The new RDB-Downlight Reflector:

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  • Ensures high uniformity on every kind of workplane.
  • Guarantees a precise illumination of target workplane (if required: no illuminance at floors, walls, hallways).
  • Thanks to a secondary technology ensures high visual comfort: less light pressure, less reflex-glare without direct glare at the same time.
  • Offers an asymmetric luminous intensity distributions (LID) for application especially next to/parallel to glazed façades.
  • Reduces lighting pollution to the environment/outside the façade
  • Saves energy
  • Is easy to assemble and easy to be integrated in every kind of ceiling panel
  • Has minimized dimension added to the manufacturer benefits of one component, that fits all requirements in different tilt angles.
  • Has a variable luminous intensity distribution
  • Has high flexibility
  • Reduces shadows percentage
  • Offers dynamic white out of one component



The main application is foreseen in offices, application parallel to the façade. The product is applicable to new ceiling as well as in refurbishment of existing ceiling.

Within the Inspire project the resulting luminaires will be integrated in TRIPAN acoustic + heating and cooling panels to develop the energy Kit 6, a multifunctional ceiling panel for heating and cooling, ventilation and lighting distribution.

Several reflectors can be combined to create linear luminaires with an asymmetric or symmetric Luminous intensity distribution (LID).

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Why did Bartenbach choose LUXeXceL and future plans

After the industrialization, the reflector will be assembled in linear luminaires for the real installation in the Tosoni Office Building – Verona. The printing technology offered by LUXeXceL will be further tested and implemented in Bartenbach Development and Research Centre. It is mainly the printed precise optics with micro structure that gives LUXeXceL’s technology a place within this project.


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