In October iNSPiRe was delighted to exhibit its Madrid demo building on two occasions to groups of eager visitors.

The Madrid site is just one of iNSPiRe’s two residential demonstration sites using the project’s innovative retrofit kits and renovation packages. It is a five storey high block of 1950’s flats, containing 10 dwellings and is located in the Ciudad Los Ángeles of the Spanish capital.

The other residential demo site is in Ludwigsburg, Germany and is an example of social housing built in the 1970s. It contains three flats on three stories (280m²) and a wooden façade and roof incorporating iNSPiRe’s retrofit kits are currently being installed.

On the 9th of October there was a guided visit to the Madrid building as part of Madrid architecture week

Every year the the Official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM), organises the Madrid Week of Architecture with the support of the COAM Foundation and the German Embassy. This year was the 12th Week of Architecture of Madrid and it was held from 1 to 11 October featuring the guest city of Berlin. Like Madrid, Berlin has been has been championing urban regeneration through a series of impressive renovation projects.

Urban regeneration projects were displayed in both cities with local architects on hand to discuss the buildings with attendees. At the headquarters of the COAM dissemination activities took place highlighting architectural projects and delegates could learn more about renovation of older buildings as well as other aspects of architecture. The conference was opened with panel discussions with speakers from both cities.

iNSPiRe’s Madrid demo building was featured as part of these activities, with project architects on hand to talk about the project and the work that has been done on the building.

Then, on the 22nd of October, students Architects from Universidad de Alcala de Henares’ Masters course and undergraduate Civil Engineers visited the site and were given a tour of the building and background information about the project. The students saw a successful energy efficient building project in progress.

Work on the building is almost finished, with standard insulation being applied to the new façade which also incorporates new windows. A centralised heat pump was added to drive the entire heating and cooling system and this is helped by solar thermal collectors mounted on the façade. All this was fitted following the recommendations of iNSPiRe’s renovation packages. Of the iNSPiRe kits, the innovative hydronic unit known as the Energy Hub has been installed to maximise the efficiency of heating and cooling the flats. Inside, new radiant ceiling panels containing energy efficient lighting have been fitted. All this work took place with minimum disruption to the residents, who were able to continue living in their homes throughout the process.


One of the Demo Building architects discusses the building with visitors for the Madrid Week                                                                    of Architecture


The Madrid Demo Building



Students Architects and Civil Engineers from Universidad de Alcala de Henares’


One of the Demo Building architects discusses the building with Universidad de Alcala de Henares’ students