Project partner have released their August newsletter mentioning the iNSPiRe project.  Click on the image below to access the online version.  Please note: the newsletter is currently in German, but an English translation can be found underneath the image.

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“Energy Performance of Buildings Directive recast” (EPBD recast). The aim of the recast is for all newly constructed buildings in EU Member States to be zero-energy buildings or plus energy buildings by 31 December 2020.  Under this Directive, EU states also have the task of developing effective measures for energy retrofitting existing buildings and the goal is to transform existing buildings into nearly zero-energy buildings. The directive also calls for the redevelopment of existing buildings to be carried out more cost-effectively and their modernization to be implemented in a much shorter construction period than at present.

The EU research project iNSPiRe was set up to achieve these aims and the project will develop renovation packages to improve the overall energy efficiency of buildings. It will also demonstrate these packages on selected existing buildings.

The iNSPiRe project committee is made up of a group of relevant stakeholders involved in the development of innovative solutions for energy-efficient buildings. The housing group Wohnungsbau Ludwigsburg GmbH is one of these partners, working with renowned universities, research institutes and industrial partners across Europe.

As well as industrial buildings being renovated by iNSPiRe, three residential buildings were selected to be modernized using the project’s newly developed components.  Two of these buildings are located in Madrid and Verona, and a four-apartment complex dating from 1971 in Karl-Dieter Street 24 in Ludwigsburg was also selected for renovation.

“We are excited about the challenge of long-term improvement of energy efficiency in existing buildings,” says WBL CEO Andreas Veit. “The project requires the close cooperation of all partners at an international level.”

The solutions developed by iNSPiRe focus on renovating the facade and roof, as well as energy distribution, lighting and intelligent control technology. Renovation packages will be developed as reliable and efficient products that will be available at the end of the project as marketable components. iNSPiRe will run for four years. The project, including the work taking place in Ludwigsburg, is funded by the EU.