Researching the market

Researching the market

Work Package 4 will be led by research centre for sustainable technology,  This Work Package has two objectives: firstly, to define standardised energy generation packages (G-RPs) and energy distribution packages (D-RPs) and, secondly, to design industrialised kits for the quick and cost-effective installation of energy generation and distribution technologies as part of the renovation of buildings.  Work Package 4 will take into consideration the heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting systems in homes and offices while also allowing for the varying climatic conditions across the EU. The packages developed will also be designed to ensure quick and easy installation on site with the aim of producing standardised kits that allow faster renovation while reducing costs.

So far a market survey has been carried out of existing renewable energy solutions for one-family houses and multi-family houses as well as office buildings. Research centers as well as manufacturers have been collaborating for the collection of information. The different energy solutions are being compared in term of primary energy factor and global heat costs. One difficulty has arisen concerning the calculation of the latter; since the numerous national/local subsidies and energy prices may often affect the final results.

In addition several concepts for radiant ceiling solutions have been further developed, based on the existing panel of the Austrian manufacturer TRIPAN. They provide heating and cooling at a high thermal comfort and shall integrate several lighting concepts by Bartenbach Licht Labor. Several concepts for installation are presently being investigated in order to adapt to the different usages (working vs. living places) and different owner wishes.  These will need to remain at competitive prices.

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