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iNSPiRe Sets Its Sights

The European Union has announced ambitious targets for the reduction of energy consumption of buildings in Europe.

In recognition of the potential for energy savings in existing building stock, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive recast (EPBD recast, 2010) states that, alongside its target to construct zero-energy new buildings by 2020, renovation targets should aim to transform existing buildings into nearly zero-energy buildings, too.

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Welcome to iNSPiRe

iNSPiRe is a four-year, EC-funded project that will see the collaboration of 24 partners across nine work packages from the combined fields of research and development, industry, small business and not-for-profit organizations.

The objective of iNSPiRe is to tackle the problem of high-energy consumption by producing systemic renovation packages that can be applied to residential and tertiary buildings.

The renovation packages developed by iNSPiRe aim to reduce the primary energy consumption of a building to lower than 50 kWh/m2/year.

The packages need to be suitable to a variety of climates while ensuring optimum comfort for the building users.

Project News

iNSPiRe, working in partnership with: